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October 26, 2021

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BrettAugust 19, 2018

Amen to Zac, I am an employer and can barely afford to pay my employees when they do show up for work. If I am forced to pay for non-production, my business will no longer be in business.

ZacAugust 16, 2018

I oppose any legislation to mandate any kind of leave. The government giveth and taketh, but mostly taketh. Contrary to what many people, including a lot of politicians, businesses don't just print money, and many can't afford for any of their full time people to be gone for extended periods. If they can do without for for 10 or 12 weeks I would think they can do without you forever. Life is not easy or fair. But it doesn't make it more fair by making it less fair for employers bound to follow rules that can bankrupt them.

HalAugust 16, 2018

Thank you, Vickie. While I agree that it is important for both parents to spend time with children, it should be throughout their entire growing up years - not just a concentrated period of time when the child is first born and not cognitively aware of much at the time. Furthermore, there is another cost besides money. Other employees must shoulder the burden of the person who is on leave. The employer is not likely to hire a replacement if the parent intends to come back to work. In the meantime, the remaining employees must divide up the work and possibly work overtime to compensate - thus taking time away from THEIR families.

vickie cloudAugust 15, 2018

I am wondering where the money will come from. most companies have like a week paid leave ..or emergency leave. the company I guess takes care of that...I don't know....but maybe people should pay a small amount each month so they can get a family leave time. yes the money has to come from doesn't just materialize out of thin air.



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