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March 20, 2023

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LeslieAugust 16, 2018

K.Chin Ditto on your comments. It’s amazing the maturity and interpretation of these two young artists.

K. Chin—Modesto, CAAugust 15, 2018

First a disclaimer, I absolutely ADORE ballet; after that ALL dance, really! It has taken some years (and some spiritual maturity) for me to appreciate modern dance. Remember in dance...artists (athletes!) strive to communicate through their art-form. I, too, viewed this performance as astoundingly and technically BRILLIANT! Beyond that, rather than depicting a “physically” abusive relationship, I saw this dance as a metaphor for the angst some of us (MANY of us!) feel in intimate relationships. Each of us is broken, we’ve sinned, we’ve been sinned against; so often we choose to react, indulging the natural-man; we hurt, and cause hurt—think of ANY couple going through a divorce! The dancers have a VERY limited amount of time to present a cohesive “story.” They OBVIOUSLY have AMAZING athleticism in their art. They chose a truly dramatic “life situation” to depict. Whether the dance is viewed literally or metaphorically, remember, drama sells—they are, after all, trying to win a competition! Given their absolutely amazing abilities and total commitment to modern dance, how cool (and validating) would it be if they could expand this into a symphonic piece—a triptych, if you will—and have a “falling in love” opening “movement; the angst-filled 2nd movement (kind of a flip of the normal 2nd movement allegro with the 3rd movement andate) and then have the 3rd movement strive to reveal the supernal love we ALL desire to achieve in an eternal marriage! Now, depicting that Christlike love would take EVEN more technical brilliance and spiritual maturity (truly beyond MOST 18-year-olds’ sensibilities and life experiences!). Slow movements in dance require excruciatingly difficult control! These may not be “crowdpleasers” to the extent fast and dramatic movements are, but when such virtuosity is achieved, the fluidity of the body becomes like satin on silk—like butter on cream—the beauty of such slow movement is so painfully exquisite that one almost forgets to breathe while watching such a performance! This duet have MUCH to say and MUCH to share. In their artistry they give SO freely of themselves—a true “gift” to ANY audience!! I sincerely hope they are given MANY opportunities to express themselves, and their testimonies, through DANCE!

Sue ToddAugust 15, 2018

I thought the same thing. Glad to know I wasn't the only one. They seem to be incredible dancers for sure.

LindaAugust 14, 2018

Am I wrong or was this dance routine completely about a physically abusive relationship! Yes each move was amazingly precise but the overall feeling made me feel sick that a couple would be so abusive. Not sure what to think or feel about this routine even if it was a perfect score.



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