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June 29, 2022

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Jeffrey Lynn JonesAugust 11, 2018

This article addresses the possibility that there can be more gleaned from a passage of scripture than the casual eye can see. This particular phrase can indicate that based on cross referencing it with other council from the Lord in other scriptures that the path to Eternal Life is a narrow one and that the gate to enter there in is "Strait". For example: "Strait is the gate and narrow the way that leads to eternal life". While in other passages the path is referred to as "straight" as in straight as a arrow. While both interpretations have slightly different meaning they both can be applied to the same passage with the same intent. Both are valid expressions of the path that we follow. It is direct and charted and that a pilot or chart is need to guide us through it "not deviating to the left nor to the right ..." this does not mean that it cannot be straight as an arrow either. As we navigate the paths through life unto the goal of eternal life we are given the opportunity to choose as we travel. Not like being on a train ride were the destination is known when we enter the train car for seating with a ticket. True this instance we may choose to get off the train at a different stop but the train will continue to and possibly beyond the destination for which we purchased our ticket. Our life is more like a boat on an angry sea were we survive better if we have a chart to follow and seamanship to help us manage the stormy and sometimes violent seas of life. Better it be that we have an experienced pilot to guide us through the narrow points and passages that could spell disaster if we are too proud to accept the help from the pilot and the experienced seaman that have sailed the stormy seas before us. Both Straight and Strait have their meaning and purpose. That of helping us to understand how to return to our Father in Heaven and gain Life Eternal. As the greatest of all the gifts he can give we should follow his council to obtain it.

Dane BoundsAugust 9, 2018

The text closest to the original words spoken by Jesus (“strait gate and narrow way”) during his mortal ministry are recorded in ancient Greek in Matthew 7:14. The Biblehub website entry for that verse gives this interpretation in English: “for small [is] the gate and compressed the way leading to life and few are those finding it.” This translation would favor the English word “strait” and not the word “straight.”

HalAugust 8, 2018

I like Diane Blakely's explanation in addition to those in the article. I always felt like both "strait" and "straight" were applicable to the path back to the Father. A "strait" requiring a wise and experienced guide to help me navigate the treacherous shoals of life brings a whole new meaning to the phrase. Thank you!

AngelaAugust 7, 2018

I was never satisfied with any of the standard definitions of "strait" and "straight" so I looked it up myself and found that "strait" means difficult. That has been a very useful distinction to me. The path back home is anything but easy.

Diane BlakelyAugust 7, 2018

A man explained to me that 'Strait' not only meant narrow, but that a strait was also a dangerous passage that generally required a knowledgeable pilot to guide a ship through the passage. Someone who knew all the dangers presented by that particular strait. It was a 'charted passage,' not just a narrow one. Just as our way to Eternal Life is charted. Jesus is the pilot and the scriptures are the chart.



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