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December 3, 2022

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Leroy HaleJuly 30, 2018

Why not have the RS present in a non involved individual role. This would be especial help for young sisters.

Ed HofferJuly 30, 2018

I don't necessarily agree with this Brothers method but I can feel for what he is trying to accomplish. Well the problems he is portraying do happen they are not as flamboyant as in other faiths. in a way I believe the solution is far simpler than a hunger strike, in most cases if the interviewee is of the same gender as the bishop for example young man there generally is no problem. But to allay any problems the Bishop ask the head of the household who would they like to be at the interview as an impartial Observer. The youth also could be asked about who they would like as an observer but hopefully the parents can override that decision if it is a crank decision I pray there's a time when these problems no longer torment any religion, especially ours.



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