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October 16, 2021

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ViolaJuly 29, 2018

The church's stand on homosexuality is becoming confusing. Do we support the gay lifestyle or not? The comment by the BYU law professor goes against all that the church has said about gay marriage. It bothers me that she would teach such opinions at a church school. If the homosexual lifestyle is against church standards, we should not support gay couples adopting children. It is hard for heterosexual parents to adopt, and there are many who want to. They should have first priority.

CHARLIEBROWN2292July 28, 2018

What the LGBT community does not want to admit - and instead claims the contrary through the publishing of biased and self-serving surveys - is that children raised by same-sex couples suffer from an emotional and social trauma that could be avoided if they were raised by the many qualified heterosexual couples who seek to adopt. Some more reliable studies on the subject can be found in So, with all due respect to gay people, their wishes cannot be granted if they clash with the welfare of society as a whole. I am grateful that Catholics were able to stand firm in not compromising their moral standards, and am somewhat disappointed to see some BYU Professors supporting the adoption of children by gay parents.

LizShearerJuly 27, 2018

Well said Vickie. I agree entirely. The welfare and emotional development of the child has to come well before the feelings of same sex couples.

HazeKompJuly 27, 2018

Years ago, I couldn't adopt a newborn via LDS Social Services because I had to work full-time. The rationale was along the lines of "babies need their mothers." And, I agreed with them. IF there were only 100 babies up for adoption to 500 who wanted them, it makes sense to me now, and it did then, for those special infants to go to stay-at-home mothers. Was this a form of discrimination? Or was this concept a form of discernment? I think it was the latter. I never felt anger towards The Church over the policy. I simply chose to adopt via a different route when the opportunity presented itself. Catholic Charities and LDS Social Service should be able to decide for themselves the criteria for adoptions. Not the government.

vickie cloudJuly 27, 2018

im sorry to say that I do not believe that same sex marriages should be able to adopt children....I think it would confuse the child...when they are small...what will they think...whose the mom and whose the is very important ...for many reasons....but its a self identity issue here...and adults set the example....what kind of example will be set by same sex couples...



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