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October 16, 2021

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FinnleyJuly 6, 2018

Yes. Seventeen years ago our sweet 17 year old son took his life. Our home teacher sent a $25.00 check with the accompanying letter informing us that we would never see our son again - that he had gone to hell. Ashamed, I wanted to go be with him. I am the mother of eight. What a horrible experience to have to live through. I stayed away from church people because they inflicted so much pain and I could not take it. With the beginning of a new year i found the courage to return. I still sit by the wall that protected me from those who hurled harm. My children are all grown. None of them will return to this ward. I sit alone and watch my Bishop-Husband fulfill his calling. I help others who have fallen hard on their faces. I wish I could have had the same kind if compassion shown to me.

LeahJuly 3, 2018

Thank you for this. 27 years ago, when my 15 year old son committed suicide, I was astounded by otherwise decent people who told me my son was going to hell. Not a few Mormons and a couple evangelicals rushed to give me this news. It was very painful. And it was hard to imagine what their motivation could have been to say such a nasty thing to a grieving family. As the shock wore off, I responded thus: "Are you going to take Jesus' place as the judge?" Saying that shielded me from them, whether it educated them or not.



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