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May 8, 2021

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HalJuly 5, 2018

As a BYU alumni, I have always been pleased with the 'stone-cold sober" award. I only wish every student and staff member at BYU would adhere to the school's honor code as they promised when they accepted admission / employment to the university. Sadly, there were many students who flagrantly violated the honor code when I attended BYU over 40 years ago and, unfortunately, that still seems to be the case. I realize that we are all human and that we all make mistakes, but, I don't think the honor code is really that hard to keep. I am particularly annoyed with those who willfully violate the honor code and then castigate the school and the LDS church for being "unrealistic" in their expectations of students and staff. If a student / staff member can't keep promises made prior to admission / employment, that person should have the integrity to admit he / she (perhaps) never intended to keep the honor code to begin with and quietly transfer to another school. I don't understand the outcry of people who seem to want to force their standards onto BYU and the LDS church when there are hundreds of colleges and universities that allow a lower standard of conduct. If I violate my company's code of conduct, I would expect to be summarily dismissed from my employment. Why should attendance at a university be any different?



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