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January 24, 2020

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Mike GriffithJune 25, 2018

I'm a little puzzled as to why this movie was not described as being inappropriate for LDS audiences, especially for youth. "Some profanity," including the F-word? Implied pre-marital sex? Drug use? This doesn't even seem like a close call. Knowing these things, would any General Authority see this movie? Our family certainly will not be seeing it.

MarjohnaJune 21, 2018

Thanks for confirming that, Ralph! It is unfortunate that movie makers apparently project their absurd obsession with foul language that ruins the movies. I’ll read the book.

Valmay FelschowJune 21, 2018

I totally agree with Ralph Gallini. As Latter-day Saints we should avoid all profanity. Just one F-bomb??? To me that compares to being "just a little bit immoral" or watching "just a little bit of pornography".I can't believe that an LDS reviewer would recommend a movie with that content ... especially when it for children 13 and over. I remember years ago I was horrified when I heard the sh.. word in a movie, but now it seems to be in everything. Let's not become desensitized to such bad language. Let's be "in the world, but not of the world."

Ralph GalliniJune 21, 2018

I really appreciate these movie reviews. I do not understand why movies can't be made any more with the F-bomb being in them. Every war show has more of them than artillary shells. I served in Vietnam in 1965 and no one used that word in normal language. But, today one is lead to believe that every other word coming out of the mouth of an American was the F-bomb. Not true! And I was a Marine!!

Glen DanielsenJune 21, 2018

Not sure why the reviewer even bothers to review movies that LDS should not even watch. Kids-in-Mind website discribes in much more honest detail that there is much nudity in this movie than we are notified here. Not sure if this site is responsive, but we suggest changing your approach with these reviews.



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