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July 14, 2024

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CharlieBrown2292June 18, 2018

There is a huge contradiction in Dan's statements, which shows how far away from spiritual things and principles of basic honesty he has gone: he pledged on his honor that he would respect the law of chastity as it applies to all students at BYU. Yet, he completely disregarded this law once admitted at the University - and to add insult to injury - he lashes out on the University for excluding him for non-respect of that Law?! He had plenty of other options to attend Universities that do not have such rules, so why insist on going to BYU instead? As for BYU's Law of Chastity, I was there nearly 40 years ago, and know there is somewhere out there a 38-year-old young man who grew up without a father, a BYU Student who got his mother - also a BYU student - pregnant, but who later refused to take responsibility for the child. Thank Heavens for a University that shields its youth from such terrible consequences!

Imagine Dragons FanJune 17, 2018

In the clip with Ms. Degeneres, Dan Reynolds states that he was kicked out of BYU for having sex with his girlfriend.He goes on to state that he felt shame for something that is "beautiful, perfect and normal". Yet, with few exceptions all the evidence from the social sciences and human experience points to the fact that sexual activity outside marriage isn't beautiful, perfect or "normal". Reynolds makes a common mistake of conflating natural with normal. Cancer is natural, but it isn't normal. Normal is expected and sustainable. The most ancient civilizations are all founded on marriage and have laws protecting marriage and the marital contract. Fatherless communities are poor, gang/crime infested and miserable places to live. Fatherhood should be a status within marriage and sexual relationships outside marriage cause obvious harm to anyone willing to look. Same sex "marriage" undermines marriage and causes real harm to the participants. Rates of abuse, depression and suicide are all multiples higher for practitioners of same sex relationships. Dan's work to destigmatize psychological counseling is well intentioned, but this type of counseling doesn't improve psychological well-being better than just talking things out, prayer, meditation and practicing Christianity. Study after study bear this out, with the exception being brain chemical imbalances. The beautiful thing about artists is their creativity and most often this creativity comes from their deep hurt. Great art crosses all human boundaries because it speaks to our common hurt, in this case sin or missing the mark. Dan's music is beautiful and it catches you up in the emotion that great artists bring to their craft. That said, he's missing the mark here on marriage, sexuality and parenting. When he told the story of his mom not being able to choose him over Joseph Smith or Jesus Christ, that really hurt. You could see the pain. I felt it and wept. For me as a parent the answer would be simple and swift - I'd save my son. Dan needs saving and I pray that God blesses him and cures his broken heart

LynetteJune 15, 2018

Just a little disappointed in Dan Reynolds. He kind of threw us under the bus. I appreciate his willingness to say he is still Mormon, but in a way he undermines the principles he says he believes in ... on national tv. I am not a fan of imagine dragons, I’m glad for his success and wish him well, but this interview did not make me want to be a follower.



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