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August 9, 2022

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SterlingJune 14, 2018

Until third grade, I sang monotone or minor thirds. As an adult, I have performed for the prophet and twice toured internationally.

Joy SmithJune 13, 2018

I so love this story. When I joined the church as a 13 yr old I was soon called to conduct music in my small branch. The Counsellor in the Branch Presidency always sang so loud he drowned out the rst of the congregation. And he only had one note and that not found on any piano. Every week he would tell me how much he loved one of the hymns. I hated it. Over the years I grew up and came to understand that Heavenly Father is more concerned that our hearts are in tune. For this man it was all about the words. He took them in as he sang. They were like scripture to him. And that is what we all should be doing when we sing - especially in church.

Kayleen HunsakerJune 13, 2018

Thanks for your heartfelt stories that touch SO many hearts! Love conquers ALL!!!

JeanJune 13, 2018

I loved this experience of the Primary chorister. He was in tune with the Spirit when he praised the little boy and welcomed the little girl with the monotone voice. I know of a case where a special needs boy was asked not to be in the Primary Sacrament Program. The mother loved her son and felt so hurt by his exclusion that she couldn't handle going to church anymore. Music feeds my Spirit and I feel God's love through it. I'm grateful for this chorister.



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