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April 11, 2021

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Bob TaylorJune 12, 2018

yes, it is money from outside the country, but i do not regard this as being anything like a foreign government trying to influence in country elections - the requested donations are coming from private individuals - in my opinion, a completely different matter than a foreign government.

Robyn GJune 12, 2018

I'm so glad to see Yeah in the campaign. I've wondered since 2013 where he was. Glad he was still in an important office continuing to influence others. I hope this man can be elected and help his country.

AlecJune 11, 2018

The Book of Mormon tells of many “Mormon heads of state.”

No AuthorJune 8, 2018

She wasn't baptized until 1906, by which time she was no longer in power.

Robert StarlingJune 8, 2018

To John: While I understand your concerns, I don't know that it makes sense to compare America's Constitutional elections to those of an admittedly corruption-ridden 3rd world country. My question to answer yours is, "Is it proper to 'bear one another's burdens" and help bring Mali out of darkness and poverty"? Brother Samake is putting himself and his family on the line to do just that. Shouldn't we help? Just asking!

Allen RichardsonJune 8, 2018

Queen Lili'uokalani of the Kingdom of Hawaii joined the Church in the 1890s.

Maurine Jensen ProctorJune 8, 2018

Contributions to this campaign outside of Mali are the only way this country can overcome the corruption that is currently the rule in the country. Contributions from inside the country are always associated with looking for a favor in return.

John R. HillJune 8, 2018

We all would like to see Yeah Samake succeed in Mali. You are requesting our financial donations to his political campaign. My question is this: is it proper for foreigners to be influencing the outcome with our financial contributions? How would we react to foreign finances in our presidential elections? Just asking!



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