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August 12, 2022

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RichardJune 3, 2018

Of course we do not accept any type of immorality at our scouting events. We teach the scout oath and scout law, and mastering the oath and law is a lifetime endeavor. I have been a scoutmaster for 10 years and have seen scouting change the lives of boys and men. I have seen it bring families together and help young men prepare for missionary service. I have felt the spirit as we use scouting to accomplish Aaronic Priesthood purposes. I just came home from an Eagle board of review where this scout saved his younger brother from drowning using skills he learned as a scout. We live in a world where people have different understandings, values, and beliefs than we do. Our job is to be kind and loving to others while simultaneously standing up for our beliefs. I believe we should follow the direction and behavior of the leaders of our church in our interactions with the BSA, as evidenced by the recent joint statement between the church and the BSA.

HalMay 29, 2018

It is with great sadness that I bid farewell to the Boy Scouts of America. I cherished my scouting experience as a boy (some 50 years ago) and served as an adult leader several times in my life. I watched the scouting program slowly, then exponentially degrade over the past 20-30 years. So sad that a program that has been a positive influence over generations of boys could become just another boys and girls club like any other program. I look forward to the LDS Church's new programs for youth.

RoberMay 29, 2018

To Mary - This practice is a Word Organization of Scouting Movement (To which the BSA and every other national scouting organization belongs). The WOSM has been doing this for about 20 years or so, and is more reflective of World Views than BSA view. BSA has been one of the few organizations to not include females in the Boy Scouts (although they have been allowed as Explorers / Ventures for about 40 years or so) In order to BSA to host the World Jamboree, they had to agree to WOSM policies (and having condoms available is one).

srmMay 25, 2018

I heard (the late) Elder Featherstone speak of a similar situation decades ago. Where the ¨Mormons¨and then the Catholics stood up to BSA about this very issue. I have searched and cannot find it online. If anyone has a link please post it here.

MARYMay 25, 2018

I wonder if anyone can provide more information about how this practice of distributing condoms at these events began. Was there an incident? Did leaders just give up the fight to teach morality and let young people know certain behavioral standards were required of them? Did the leadership change? Did this coincide with including young women? How exactly did this happen?

TomMay 25, 2018

There is no Organization called the Boys Scouts of America anymore. This is nothing but a Liberal dream come true, to breakdown the morals of our youth and country.

Richard Dee WinmillMay 25, 2018

Richard Winmill Just now · I always check this kind of article with Snopes and other fact checkers and this is what I found: While Snopes branded this kind of discussion mostly false, reading the entire Snopes discussion tells is mostly true: Snope said: "WHAT'S TRUE : The World Organization of the Scout Movement requires condoms to be available at the event (Worldwide Jamboree 2019 co-hosted by BSA."



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