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September 29, 2020

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Jane BirchMay 27, 2018

Yes! Great message. There are so many good people from every religion (and non-religion). I love finding ways we are so alike in our love of God (or love of the truth or love of service, etc.) and our desires to do good in the world. I also love the deep ways we can learn from each other. The Gospel is all about gathering in all the good there is in the world, so we need to be searching to find it and making friends with those who embody it!

Anna FeatherstoneMay 25, 2018

Thanks for the article... I too am an interfaith specialist... this year I have taken it upon myself to observe Ramadhan by fasting for the month alongside my Muslim brothers and sisters. I am gaining so much respect for them as I learn more about this sacred time of the year.... imagine all our fast days rolled into one then times it by two... and add a bit.... We all have so much to learn from each other when we choose to look outside our comfy little boxes. Glad to hear some interfaith news on the mag.... Thank you!

Maureen DMay 25, 2018

Great insight, Joni. When you think about, it is a little arrogant to assume that the Lord would only use the 16 million Church members to advance his Kingdom when there are billions of good people around the world. I've personally found that focusing on what I have in common with others--even amidst dramatic differences--always leads to be a better experience.

Dean BenderMay 25, 2018

Great article, Joni. The insights in the doctrine that were given at that fireside were very intriguing.

Jay SMay 24, 2018

Another great article from a great writer Your dad sounds like my dad The interfaith fireside was awesome We sat next to a non member who used an Uber to come to the gathering. I told her I was an Uber driver and my wife and I gave her a free Uber ride home

CarolineMay 24, 2018




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