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February 1, 2023

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Glen GibbMay 20, 2018

Although I love the thought of interstellar travel, I have always taken comfort in the thought that the spirit world was right here with us and that our heavenly "home teachers" were souls who have a vested interest in us. Love the article.

LeahMay 17, 2018

Yes, there are ministering angels that are women. It made sense to me as it happened to me. I have a brother who passed away many years ago, and I thought it would be him - -if I ever received a ministering visit from the other side of the veil. When it was my Grandmother, I realized "Of course! Women ministering to women," I had only known her as "old" and worn out from a life of hard work, so I was confused when I saw her in my room. She was beautiful. Love radiated from her being and filled my soul. This event stayed with me and strengthened me for years. It was at a very tough time in my life - which was about to take a hard turn for the worse. I prevailed and survived drawing on the power of the Spirit of the Lord and this nurturing ministering visit from my Grandma Emma.



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