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May 8, 2021

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cindyMay 23, 2018

Right On - that was the first thing I did when I received my May ENSIGN - look at the photos - and how touched I was by so many of them - the tenderness, the sweetness, the goodness, the warmth and the light which radiated from those photos. They will "tickle the cockles of your heart" and put a smile on your face.

HalMay 21, 2018

I loved this article as it continues to affirm my belief that people are attracted to what the church has to offer. I frequently read bitter blogs from people who claim members are "leaving the church in droves," but there is so much evidence to the contrary. There were 7 new temples announced and I saw a message on the donation site thanking the members for their generous donations to the Perpetual Education fund and the Temple Patrons fund but that such donations were no longer needed. Every time I drive by any temple, the parking lot is full. The temples are so busy that our youth are limited to 5 family-file names at the baptistery. Church parking lots are full to overflowing on Sunday. Elder Cook's October conference talk referenced a significant increase in active temple recommends and a dramatic increase in limited-use recommends. I am encouraged that there are faithful members who, by far, outstrip those who have become disenfranchised with the church. The greatest missionary tool is our own happiness and joyful countenances.

K. Chin, Modesto, CAMay 21, 2018

The PHOTOS!!! These have been my FAVORITE way to begin (and continue!) reading General Conference issues—and I start from the back and move forward. I’ve done this for many years—some photos have remained in my mind’s eye for many years. The anticipation of viewing these candid, tender, thought-provoking, ALWAYS draws me to treasure General Conference Ensign issues. The amazing photographers preach whole “sermons” in a single image!

Richard MannMay 18, 2018

I've not leafed through the whole issue yet. But as I read the first 20 pages or so Thursday morning, I was struck by the cultural diversity of the families and members in the pictures. We are not only happy, but we are a world-wide church for everyone.

DebrahMay 17, 2018

I enjoyed the article. A few years back I read a very interesting little study about the glow of Mormons. It was very interesting. It has caused me to contemplate often. Here is one of the articles that are out. Skin texture glow distinguishes Mormons from others By Katherine Orgill - April 28, 2015 Glow on!



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