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October 6, 2022

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Jo Ann OkelberryMay 17, 2018

The speaker at our Stake Women's Conference spoke about this whole subject. She advised parents to buy these books. A looked at the books and had a very strong impression that I needed to buy these for my grandchildren. Each of our children's families now have the books. I am grateful for those who can provide help in a good way to defend against this horrible plague of pornography.

John KMay 15, 2018

When I saw this I was reminded of something philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote: there is no such thing as moral phenomena, rather moral interpretations of phenomena. Terms such as art, morals, porn, erotics are highly ambiguous. What a Mormon might find acceptable, a muslim or Amish person might object to, like wise any LDS in Utah would object to a Danish beach. Oscar Wilde wrote "morality is the judgement we use to describe people we don't like." Terms need to be defined, not just with vague terminology that varies with each user.



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