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May 19, 2022

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Joop ScholteMay 16, 2018

Jaime, it seems we have to do better. We believe sexual education should be part of what children are taught at home, not in school. So we should use our Family Home Evenings to teach our children about sex and about interpersonal relationships and about dating. Many parents do that very well. Others don't do it in a sufficient manner. However, we all learn in church where the line is. So pres. Hinckley was right, most of our young people, at least those who are active in church, know very well where the line is. Let's not be ignorant, and say we don't. But I fully agree that the subject of dating and sex should be more openly discussed. Those who want to know about it, let them come forward and ask information from their Ministering Sisters and Brothers, their leaders and Bishop. They will be more than happy to oblige I am sure.

CubbyMay 16, 2018

"President Hinckley assured Mike Wallace in his 60 Minutes interview, most of the young people do not know where the line is." I agree, I had no idea where to draw the line. If I asked a leader I got a bit of gobbledygook instead of the answers I needed.

JaimeMay 15, 2018

Thank you, BYU and the LDS Church leaders. Thank you for listening and being willing to change. I realize sexual behavior and misbehavior are important issues for the people of the Church and that we need a way both to stop predators and help those whose sexual behavior just oversteps boundaries to correct their behavior. Could we start by teaching human sexuality better? I believe most BYU students sincerely wish to live the gospel. But my experience during the time I was at BYU was that, contrary to what President Hinckley assured Mike Wallace in his 60 Minutes interview, most of the young people do not know where the line is. Even that they do not truly understand their own sexuality. So many were attempting to date without the skills necessary to build healthy relationships. Their parents had not modeled this behavior to them. My parents and the parents of many of my friends, were good people, who simply did not know how to discuss these matters. They did not know how to teach their children how to build effective partnerships with another human being. And so their children stumbled, knowing the goal of eternal marriage, but lacking the skills and patterns to achieve it. Can we do better?



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