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May 31, 2023

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KristenMay 11, 2018

I live in a very high col area, and according to redfin 17 of the 25 hottest neighborhoods nationwide (none of which are in utah) are in my metro area. yes - it's insane - but the job market is what is driving up prices. people with marketable skills are being paid enough money to bid up a house $100K+ over list - and tear it down becasue they want the location - not the house. however- go to other parts of my state - and it is an entirely different story. both for housing - and jobs. Using data such as: by "state" is extremely misleading. property values, and jobs available, can vary widely from one population center within a state to another.

Pamela SmithMay 5, 2018

California was not ALWAYS unaffordable, but has become so driven by the market (the number of people who wish to live there vs. the availability of homes, among other factors). Utah is following in CA's footsteps. A large influx into Utah of Californians (who have more money to spend) has also caused this market anomoly. Rather than sulk about how you, perhaps, can not live well in a certain place, how about doing what wise people have always done -- research the market in other areas, research job availability in other areas, and then go for it. In the meantime, let's not forget the Heber C. Kimball prophesy in which he states that a spirit of speculation will come to exist in Utah and that Salt Lake City will become "one of the wicked cities of the world." Happening, folks.

Bob PowelsonMay 5, 2018

Over the many years of my life I have made several observations of my LDS family and friends. One of these is their seeming need to have the biggest and best (most expensive) house possible. That is neither necessary nor intelligent. Having a decent clean, warm and adequate sized home is enough. My wife and I had four children in six years, and when the youngest was about five, we had LDS "friends"visit us and they noticed that we did not have a dishwasher and since we had two cars and an airplane we could obviously afford it. My wife's response was characteristically direct. She said we had four dishwashers, pointing to the kids. My wife had been reading "On Walden's Pond" and had decided to "simplify". No dishwasher, Scriptures and books strewn all over the house and the kids did the dishes. Try simpler and adequate and not house poor. There are more important things in life.

vickieMay 4, 2018

I believe something has got to give. I watch the HGTV shows and have seen where some homes are half a million or a million and I am in shock at how it looks. broken down needing a lot of work homes selling for half a million....I cant believe it...why is this happening...its got to stop....most people do not make enough to buy these homes...its a shame....



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