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June 29, 2022

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RCSMay 2, 2018

Thanks for the fine article. I would change the title to "Cities Covered with Water" rather than "Sunken Cities," as the cities did not sink into the water. It would match the thesis of the article. The comment that the "quote attributed to Joseph Smith naming central America as the Book of Mormon setting, has since been credited to someone else" is inaccurate. A more careful reading of this portion of Church History clearly demonstrates that the Prophet was either hiding right in Nauvoo, or just across the Mississippi River with daily visits from his family and colleagues, who ran messages to and from him to conduct his business (including his editorial responsibilities). He said that upon assuming the Editor position, he was responsible for the content of the Times and Seasons publication. When he came out of hiding, he did not retract the Central America editorials/articles published under his editorial supervision. (Several are signed: -ED [Joseph Smith, Editor].) Finally, the city Zarahemla, on the western banks of the Mississippi referred to in the D&C, was given the name by the Saints prior to being referenced in the revelation. The D&C reference to it is no more proof that it was the ancient Zarahemla of the Book of Mormon, than that the cities of Nephi, Bountiful, or Lehi, also named by the Saints in Utah, are the ancient Book of Mormon cities.

JamesMay 2, 2018

I agree with Courtenay. Also, The Book of Mormon makes it very clear that their buildings were made of wood; including the Temple of the splendid buildings of King Noah were made of wood and metal. When there was a scarcity of wood they used cement or dwelt in tents. All the great events of the past, starting with Adam right up until the last days, all point to the north.

DebrahMay 2, 2018

This was very interesting. I find it interesting how one little word, up, leads to answers that are most unusual. Lots of floods, but this one came up.

CourtenayMay 2, 2018

I think there are probably sunken cities all over the America's. I would love to see more articles on North America being inhabited by Lehi's posterity. The quote attributed to Joseph Smith naming central America has the Book of Mormon setting has since been credited to someone else. And, the scripture in Doc and Cov 125:3 which cross references the ancient city of Zarahemla, seems to point to a North America setting.



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