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November 27, 2022

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Kay RookhuyzenApril 27, 2018

This is such a sad and desperate situation in which to find oneself! I found your response and advice to be fresh for her particular situation. Thanks for sharing this.

LeahApril 27, 2018

Carlfred Broderick wrote a helpful article called "But What if Your Husband is a Jerk?" I found it in his book "My Parents Married on a Dare" which is a collection of his articles. Another book that helped me a lot in this situation is "Choosing Glory" by Lili Anderson. I once told my husband I didn't like how he treated me. He loudly and angrily said "I treat you just fine!" That was certainly an indicator of my value in his eyes. I don't like divorce, but it was a remedy when all else failed.

JuliannaApril 27, 2018

I am surprised you are not suggesting divorce as an option. I know of two women who experienced the same treatment from their husbands and the emotional abuse just escalated for years ripping these women’s self worth apart. Divorce gave them an opportunity to heal. It may not be the only option but should be offered as a viable solution. Maybe you did and I missed it.



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