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December 2, 2020

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MichaelApril 25, 2018

Marriages involving serious mental illness are almost always too destructive to survive. That is not an exaggeration. It's the truth. I know it because I've lived it and it's worse than you can imagine.

Chuck SanfordApril 24, 2018

Whatever you do, don't hold grudges. It is so liberating (and so positive) not to do so. A person can then focus on positive things, instead of emphasizing the negative.

Marsha NewmanApril 24, 2018

I love this article! It is so true! We have been married 50 years. When you take those vows for eternity, you never really think what it will take to get there. Just getting to 50 years requires a lot of work and a lot of forgiving. We have learned a couple of sentences that help: "You MAY be right!" (Opens the door instead of slamming it.) AND "It's your turn to be right. I'd rather be married than be ALWAYS RIGHT!"

Gary DennisApril 24, 2018

Excellent thoughts. EVERY couple should know that THEY WILL have trials and challenges as individually and mutually designed for their lives with one another in the pre-earth life - as part of the grand eternal plan - to unfold here on earth in their lives in a timely manner - ALL for their individual and mutual spiritual growth and development. Trials and challenges in various degrees come to ALL, and cannot be altered or it would thwart the work of God and the purposes of their individual and mutual lives - and all those associated with them in a rippling effect. Service is the mode of Heaven, and as trials come - instead of criticism and contention over differences, know the differences are part of the trials and lessons to be learned. Develop compassion and understanding coupled with forgiveness in serving one another throughout the trials - that is how love grows.



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