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December 16, 2019

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Diane ChaseApril 23, 2018

Thank you for reminding me of something my daughter and I have believed since an accident 14 years ago left her totally paralyzed and unable to breathe on her own. SHE believes she accepted this before her birth, and I believe that I volunteered to be her mother and caregiver. it is not an easy life for either of us, but we are both still happy and feel so blessed!

Steven K SsenyonjoApril 13, 2018

Great inspiring message and lesson-leading us know if we are "saviors" of others. Am happy and humbled that in my parents family am trying to break the chains through helping in educating my brothers and sisters whose parents do not have means to do so plus helping others not of my family. In addition being the first to join the LDS church

AndyApril 12, 2018

This was such a powerful teaching moment for me this morning. Thank you so very much for your spiritual insight and willingness to share.

LeahApril 12, 2018

I love the writings of Carlfred Broderick! I, too, had a rough start and have spent much of my life working to overcome that garbage. A pivotal moment was when I was given Broderick's writing "The Uses of Adversity". He changed my perspective. I'm not a victim, I"m a strong person with access to the tools I need to be a transition person. I love his book "My Parents Married on a Dare". It's full of helpful thoughts. However, I print copies of "Uses of Adversity" and share regularly. It's awesome. Thank you for this reminder.



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