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April 11, 2021

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PageJune 11, 2018

This was the best lesson I have taught thus far this year as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. I did not see this blog post before teaching this lesson but I loved that you took the time to break down these chapters and explain them with scriptures from multiple sources.What I love about the story of the Brass Serpent is it teaches such a simple fundamental truth: Look to the Savior, and you will live. One student made a comment that to actually not look at the brass serpent would almost be harder than looking at it. I think this is true in many ways.In reality, it takes more time, energy, and emotions to look away from Christ, to deny him, than it does to truly accept him and just look at him. Alma 33 19-20 adds further light to this story, explaining that the people were hard hearted and this is why they would not look.It made me think about how often we turn away from the Savior because we think our way is better and that he can't really fix or help us.I know that he really can. That looking upon him, accepting him as our Savior, really is that simple and that he heals us.Thanks for writing this article. I hope my thoughts add unto your testimony.

LazaroApril 3, 2018

excelente articulo y motivador para ver a Cristo y vivir...muy bueno



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