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July 15, 2024

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Ann WhiteJuly 26, 2018

Sounds like the 12 Step Program. Great suggestions.

CharlieBrown2292December 6, 2017

The things you express are pure gospel to me and a sure way to saving our souls, marriages, and families. So many times I have felt that your comments were addressed to me personally, and must have changed my life for the better across many years.

NinaDecember 5, 2017

Beautiful example of "real world" charity!

CynthiaDecember 5, 2017

The lesson of the socks. I love to walk around the house barefoot. It used to make me crazy that frequently I'd step on socks left in random places - mostly in our bedroom. One day, it occurred to me that socks on the floor were a reason to be thankful - thankful that my wonderful husband was around to leave them for me to step on. When I realized that, I picked them up with gratitude in my heart - and put them in the laundry basket. I guess Heavenly Father was just waiting for me to learn that lesson, because shortly after my attitude changed, the socks started magically to find their way to the laundry basket on their own. 40+ years later, neither of us takes each day for granted. So I try to always remember (not 100% successfully) to be thankful that the irritations mean we're both still on the earth ... and that it's my attitude that makes the difference in what I perceive, and, even more importantly, how I feel about it, and how - or whether - I react. Thanks for making me think about this again!



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