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September 19, 2021

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Donald B. HolsingerDecember 1, 2017

Spouse means the individual to whom you are legally and lawfully married--period. That definition, as is true of most definitions, is not affected by one's conservative or liberal views. And, incidentally, is someone trying to imply that political liberals cannot be Christians? If true, that would be odd. Jesus would qualify as a "liberal" as certainly would Joseph Smith.

Andrew CurrieNovember 22, 2017

"Spouse" means a person's "husband" or "wife". To a Christian who isn't buying into Liberals trying to redefine a God-given term such as "marriage", a same-sex friend cannot be a "spouse" any more than a shacked-up girlfriend can be a "spouse". Since the commendation is for a "spouse"--not a "sex partner"--the person doesn't qualify.

Kathleen HNovember 22, 2017

I guess I don't understand this situation. Everything I've read indicates that the Colonel didn't want to sign a letter of appreciation for an airman's same sex spouse. Why not? Did the spouse not support the airman in his service? I would be interested to know the exact language of the letter the Colonel was expected to sign, because without knowing that, how can I understand his hesitancy. I don't agree with same-sex marriage either, but I'm opposed to not acknowledging the supportive actions of those who choose to participate in such. There isn't enough information this article or any related articles to know what the real answer is, in my opinion.



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