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September 29, 2020

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MaryNovember 3, 2017

Goldminer: re: "the mess their decisions have made." Wrong. I haven't gone bankrupt because my family health insurance wouldn't cover medical costs for a chronic or terminally ill spouse or child. I haven't suffered long-term unemployment despite my best efforts during an economic downturn or failing economy. I am not disabled. I am not a veteran with PTSD. I haven't suffered the debilitating effects of mental illness. I take it you haven't either. To David D, I say, let them come. It would be unthinkable to turn even one of God's children away. These comments were sent by us with the press of a button using state-of-the- art technology from the warmth of our homes as winter approaches. If only all of life could be so simple.

A thoughtNovember 3, 2017

@Goldminer, just because you haven't personally seen evidence doesn't mean that there isn't evidence. Utah actually leads the nation in solving the problems of chronic homelessness. The LA Times reported that Utah had reduced it's chronic homelessness by 91% in 2015. And as far as engaging personally, Salt Lake just held Project Homeless Connect in October of this year, which was a one-stop event at the Salt Palace for homeless people to come and have access to hygiene and health services and employment and housing opportunities and face time with people to help them have opportunities to get back on their feet. Hundreds of homeless people came and were personally assisted at the event. Utah is far from just throwing money at the problem, they really are making serious strides towards solving it.

DavidDNovember 3, 2017

I'm assuming that folks in Salt Lake understand that the more money that is put very compassionately into homeless facilities and programs in a community, the more homeless people from all over the country flock to that community. For every one homeless problem you solve, three more will appear at the bus station. Every homeless person in the United States knows that Salt Lake is Mecca for the homeless. Good luck with that.

GoldminerNovember 3, 2017

Has the giving of millions of dollars stopped or reduced homelessness? I have not seen any evidence that it has. It seems to me that what is involved is NOT money but actual engagement to help these people help themselves with strong support to rise above the mess their decisions have created. Right or wrong?



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