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March 27, 2023

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Heather SuttonOctober 1, 2018

I was in the MTC when our teacher told us about her experience of that night . At first we were struck with what ? Did this really happen? Then as we listened to her recalling back what she saw . She said all she could see was someone had a bomb and wanted him to read it , as the crowd started to sing we thank thee oh God for a prophet , she could see the men moving all at one time to jump the man and , we laughed when she said he had no choice when it looked like 20 ,large men mabe the foot ball team piled on top him . ( Angels in suits that’s what I think ) . I am glad to remember this I know Angels are among us .

DennisMay 6, 2018

We thank God for a Prophet.

MarciaDecember 31, 2017

I was also there and was seated on the stand a few rows behind President and Sister Hunter so reading this brings back many memories also. We were all asked to leave the stand and everyone did but I just didn't and stood there watching what was happening. As things progressed and after everyone sang "I thank thee O God For a Prophet" I saw Sister Hunter and felt she needed to get off the stage so pushed aside chairs as I went down, I touched her arm and said quietly that we needed to go. She turned and we walked arm and arm to the side and down the steps where her daughter and some others came to take her to safety. I saw President Hunter's body guards push I'm to the floor where one of them laid on top of him shielding him in case a bomb would go off. It was then where men on both sides ran on stage and grabbed the man taking him down and securing the area. We were able to get back where we were seated and President Hunter stood as though nothing had happened and finished his talk. He had courage and dignity during a very scary experience.

E. B.October 30, 2017

While I remember seeing one couple make a stealthy exit (because they were sitting close enough to a portal to do so easily), I don't remember anyone, let alone hundreds or thousands, running or screaming. I remember the screaming at the very beginning, when he first rushed the stage. I remember wondering if we should all try to leave. I remember fearing that if everybody tried to leave it could heighten panic, cause a stampede, and result in injuries. I remember that as quickly as I had all these thoughts, and before I could actually formulate a solid decision as to what I should do, the singing started, almost as if there were an actual chorister leading the congregation. I, too, still can't sing We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet without getting choked up. It was one of the most spiritual and testimony building experiences of my life. While I agree that there are many lessons to be learned by how President Hunter acted during that episode, I think there are also many lessons to be learned by looking at how the majority of the student body acted throughout the ordeal. We went that evening seeking to be edified by the Spirit through the words of a soon-to-be prophet, and we felt and followed the promptings of that Spirit during an unexpected event and in a way that truly defied logic. We sang. It was beautiful. It accomplished many things: bringing calm to the panicked, distracting the assailant, building faith, solidifying testimonies, and probably more. President Hunter set an excellent example of facing a trial. So did the majority of the student body in attendance.

Heidi neeleyOctober 28, 2017

To this day, I still can't sing, We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet without tearing up or being able to sing the words. That was definitely the most multi-facited testimony strengthening experience I've ever gone through. The thing that still sticks out to me the most, was that as my husband and I were sitting there with our 9 month old baby, thinking that at any moment we could all be killed, it was OK. Hundreds or possibly thousands of students were screaming and running out of the building, but I remember the quiet that finally came. I was still sitting there somewhat calmly- in shock, knowing that if we did die, I would leave this earth with my husband and new baby being in the right place, doing the right thing, and especially being in the presence of our future Prophet. That was the first time I knew that I was not afraid to die, and that I had a testimony of Temple marriage, the eternities, the gospel and of God's living servants.

DeniseOctober 28, 2017

I was there as well. It did not occur to me to be frightened in any way. the Prophet was there. It was so quiet for a moment then the singing started "We thank thee O God for a prophet" and we all joined in. One of the moments in your life, you never forget. Prophets are many of the true heroes God gives us. I do thank God for the prophets current and past.

MarkOctober 27, 2017

My (then fiancee) wife and I were there! We watched him jump the barrier right below us. It was an awesome feeling when we all started singing hymns together. The dogpile on the guy was epic. One of my buddies was in the pile and said he threw a punch. He said he yelled out "Don't mess with the Elders of Israel!!"

JeanOctober 26, 2017

Cody Judy, was a member of our ward in Southern California not long before he moved to Bakersfield. A young husband and father, he was my daughter's Sunday School teacher. I always wondered what happened that he flipped like this. It was really sad.

Jason Ray FranceOctober 26, 2017

I too was there that night (seated above where he jumped onto the main floor). Watching the video took me right back to that moment! I will never forget the spirit of unity that we experienced, or the strength of character that we witnessed. My testimony was indeed fortified!

Jayson WilkinsonOctober 26, 2017

I was there at that fireside too and I still count it as one of the more powerful experiences I have ever had. The spirit that we felt as we all sang "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet" was amazing. It is funny because I can barely remember any of the rest of the talk except for the first line after he got back up. I loved it when I found that story in one of the teaching manuals I was using and could tell it from my own perspective.

Geoff SteurerOctober 26, 2017

I was in the audience that evening. It was my freshman year at BYU and was a key experience that helped me solidify my testimony of living prophets. The spirit present in that room was powerful and strengthened my resolve to always stand up for truth.

Shauna SOctober 26, 2017

I love this story, and I have always loved President Hunter. His background is a little bit atypical (if there's such a thing) for a prophet and I loved his emphasis on kindness and the Temple. I loved studying his life in RS, and have appreciated many of his quote, one which you include here about not thinking that our generation has all the difficulties. thank you for reminding us of his profound and steadfast, courageous example

LexaGraemeOctober 26, 2017

President Hunter May have stayed “calm”, but the stubborn look on his face as he said No spoke volumes to me. It reminded me of the moment in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” where the guardian of the Grail told Dr. Jones, “My soul is prepared (for death). How’s yours?” That is what that sentiment looked like in real life. President Hunter was my hero through his actions before February 1993; this just cemented it.

Sally SmithOctober 26, 2017

Hoorah and Hoorah for we have prophets in the latter days to lead us.



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