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June 23, 2021

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JaneOctober 22, 2017

Not surprising, but disheartening. Republicans chose Trump, an admitted sexual abuser, adulterer, and who made numerous inappropriate sexual comments about even his own daughters. (Also said he never changed a single diaper.) Republicans also choose FOX as their favored network, where women are apparently not allowed to look professional, but dressed/made-up for ratings, and suffer rampant sexual harassment. I was a Republican/conservative my entire life until the morning it was evident Trump had the nomination. I went online and re-registered as independent. I cannot and will not belong to a party who supports a person like Trump. I was particularly discouraged that Utah ended up supporting Trump. They had the chance to make a difference when it counted, but failed. What are we teaching our children, with the election and support of Trump? A: That it is OK to view women as objects, and to relegate them to second class citizens. A huge step back IMO.

AlexOctober 20, 2017

I think that we need to distinguish what we mean by "equal". Most of the discussions I see are about "equal outcomes" when what we should be talking about is "equal opportunities". We can't mandate outcomes. Do women have an equal opportunity to do/buy/learn/act/etc. By comparison, just because I treat my kids equally doesn't mean that they all receive equally. One kid wants to go to art school, another engineering school, and another is focused on going on a mission. Similarly, they don't all receive equally because one needs a jacket this year while the other needs shoes. Thomas Sowell is a wonderful author and economist and he shows in many of his books the fallacy of 'equality'. If we take into consideration the desires, needs, and experiences of my kids, then we can see that even though they are receiving different outcomes, they are all receiving what they need equally. The discussion of gender equality should be considered in a similar light.



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