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May 30, 2024

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Diane GodboutOctober 17, 2017

He assurdely did not go the the same corner of the spirit world as Robert Hales did.

Leigh Ann SmithOctober 4, 2017

I also recently read that STD's are at epidemic levels, getting resistant to antibiotics (it takes 2 two treat some of them) and highest in young people and homosexuals. There are more babies now born with syphilis again. :( It wasn't on the front page of a newspaper or on the news either. I am 61. So much for the "sexual revolution"

Leigh Ann SmithOctober 4, 2017

I read an article this past week about how much Playboy exploited children sexually and was never aware of that, so it contributed to the current scourge of child sexual abuse and pornography as well. He was very clever in his ways of softening up the masses to accept things they wouldn't have if they weren't airbrushed and beautified.

Dave WhittleOctober 4, 2017

None dare call him "wicked." Indeed, the very word "wicked" has been transformed into something ironically good, deserving of compassion and sympathy. But, it mattereth not what society believes anymore. What matters is which we think as individuals and as latter-day saints. All else is prophesied and vanity.

JoJean LoflinOctober 2, 2017

I couldn't help but contrast the lives of two men who passed through the veil this week. Hugh Hefner and Robert Hales. One who left behind him a legacy of mysogyny, sexual exploitation, the degradation of women, and unbridled license; the other who left a legacy of love, service, honor, and shining righteousness. Both are accountable before the Lord, are they not? And will be called to account.

Jo Ann OkelberrySeptember 30, 2017

I think the same thing about Hugh Hefner. He made his money from making women think they are inferior and only useful as a sex object.

TerrySeptember 29, 2017

Amen. I was horrified to hear him described as sophisticated in a news story following his death. I consider him a very sad man, someone whose life work lowered the culture of our society.

Michael R. Loveridge, J.D.September 29, 2017

I'll bet that smug, self-satisfied smile in the photo got wiped off as soon as he passed through the veil . . .

CharlieBrown2292September 29, 2017

Something the "politically correct" press will not mention is that Heffner was diagnosed by experts as a sex-addict, who was clever enough to turn his addiction into a money-making scheme. A popular French journalist analyzed society's walking away from its moral bearings in three steps: 1. Deconstruction of traditional values; 2. Derision of those who attempt to maintain them; 3. Destruction of society. Indeed, Heffner opened up the sexual freedom "Pandora's Box" that has caused millions of broken homes with fatherless children, in addition to the men becoming enslaved by their out-of-control sexual urges.

Lisa Hildreth RhodesSeptember 29, 2017

Thank you for posting this. I had exactly the same thoughts after hearing of Hefner's death. Glamorizing the exploration of women for decades doesn't make it any less vulgar and tragic. "Free speech" isn't always free. A price is always paid for good or I'll. The Playboy Mansion certainly personifies the large and spacious building of a generation. .



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