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September 28, 2021

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RobSeptember 14, 2017

Why replace an 80-something has-been with a 70-something has been? Utah needs a little new blood!

DaleSeptember 13, 2017

Mitt is eminently qualified and would run for all the right reasons, i.e. to serve without expectation of reward or honor, and certainly not for financial gain. He is exactly what this country needs. His personal and family life are above reproach, and his integrity is bulletproof. Most importantly, he would faithfully follow our Redeemer, in a time when that is increasingly unpopular in our secular world.

Wasatch DaveSeptember 13, 2017

Why should Hatch pick his successor? Just declare your candidacy and watch how fast he "retires". Just do it, Mitt.

Wasatch DaveSeptember 13, 2017

Why does Romney need Hatch's approval to run for office? If Hatch keeps playing his cute game, just show him he is beatable. Just do it, Mitt.

BillSeptember 13, 2017

Mitt just needs to go away like Hillary needs to.



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