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August 9, 2020
August 9, 2020

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JamieSeptember 16, 2017

This, if the story is accurate, is very disturbing. Did you verify the facts in this piece?

Art SantiagoSeptember 13, 2017

The singular and ultimate objective of the politically oriented LGBTQ+++ movement is the complete and total destruction of all religion. If no one can say what you are doing is wrong, then somehow it wont be anymore. However, when you destroy religion, government conveniently (and eagerly) steps in to fill the gap, supplanting itself as your new deity. And, when that happens - agency vanishes - as does, ironically, any tolerance towards those in the sexually progressive movement. The LGBTQ+++ movement is really braiding it's own hanging rope.

CharlieBrown2292September 13, 2017

In France, they first said it was not about marriage but about a contract between people of the same sex. Then they lobbied to get gay marriage adopted by Congress. Now they want assisted reproduction for lesbian couples. Of course the next step will be surrogacy, then the doing away with any sexual differentation. All this to remove any difference between gays and straight people, but with the destruction of the traditional family as a collateral damage, with children who will be left with no sense of identity.



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