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January 24, 2020

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TimAugust 14, 2017

There were many aspects to Dunkirk, and choosing to tell the story from the point of view of an RAF pilot (story covered one hour) a soldier on the beach (covered one day) and one of the little boats coming to the rescues (covered two days) seem like a reasonable choice to me. And fitting those disparate time lines into one narrative requires the kind of cutting back and forth that took place. I don't think we were supposed to see any of the characters as well-rounded. The music was unnecessarily loud at some points. While it was an original score, it was based on Nimrod by Elgar, a well-known and loved piece in the UK. I have never been able to hear it played on Remembrance Day without getting a tear in my eye. And finally, the English accents were perfectly fine. They were very middle-of-the-road, and not strong accents as implied in the review. What should Nolan have done? Substituted American accents, or given everybody a fake accent?

John NicholsonAugust 10, 2017

The British troops were NOT abandoned on the beach: they were trapped there by the enemy!!! Their rescue by small boats crossing the dangerous channel was miraculous!

Ann BurrAugust 9, 2017

I was disappointed. It needed a better lead into the story. The music was so loud I could understand the words being said. I would not recommend this show n

RalphAugust 9, 2017

I saw the film at an IMAX and again 2 days later at a regular theatre. My IMAX experience was like yours. Also, I am 76 years old and knew the true story of Dunkirk. I attended an Education Week CLE course a couple of years ago where one of the presenters told the Miracle of Dunkirk story. He telling us the story was more inspiring than this film. This film left out that most important message from a Naval officer back to England which simply said: "But if Not". That is whats rallied the English people to come to the rescue. Not just a confiscation of their boats by the Navy. I found an old movie entitled "Dunkirk" that was made in 1958 and can be purchased or rented from Amazon. It is in black and white, but much better all-around than this graphics and noise version that totally misses the point. Watch it and learn. Great English actors such as Richard Attenborough, and John Mills and Bernard Lee.

Sandra WhiteAugust 9, 2017

Exactly how I felt about the film...you said it better than I could have.



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