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August 20, 2022

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HalJuly 25, 2017

Thank you, Sister Hilton. Your article was beautifully expressed and touched my heart. Our daughter recently returned from a "trek" experience and talked about how hard it was. I put my arm around her and acknowledged that she had done a hard thing. In my mind, I thought "now image a year and a half instead of two days and - at the end of your journey - you don't come home to an air conditioned house, a hot shower, and a fridge full of food. Rather you have to build a home, plant crops in the middle of the growing season, and make do the best you can while trying to prepare for the coming winter. The pioneers continue to amaze me with their strength, tenacity, and - above all - their faith. Thank you again for the sweet reminder.

AndyJuly 20, 2017

"A Beautiful Thing..." very beautifully said!! Thank you

Susan MorrisJuly 20, 2017

Your thumbnail images and the article links are switched between this and the article on families.



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