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February 21, 2024

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Malcolm MassieJuly 12, 2017

I too am a former Catholic and it surprises me that I wasn't more aware of the truth of this article. But I find it motivating that I am not repulsive, and that people come to worship first and socialize second. I think that it is a very good article and I thank you for it. It motivates me to make sacrament more meaningful for myself and those around me.

JKMJuly 7, 2017

This article saddens me we have turned something as holy as the sacrament into another check on our already long list of items we need to check off in order be faithful members of Lords Church.The problem with these checks is eventually the Sacrament is just something we do at church and will loose it's meaning. The few examples given in this article proof my point What does the Sacrament prayer say? To always remember him and keep his commandments. One of the the commandments is to love your neighbor. I'm not seeing much love for your neighbor in this article.The problem most members spend there lifes only serving family, friends, and people they like. Like Matthew 25:40 says: "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". Partaking of the sacrament should reminds us to be like the Savior and Love the least of these even those who struggle or are difficult to love. The biggest reason people leave the church is because we as members don't honor our covenants, that is obeying the 2nd great commandment to Love our neighbor.

ShaneJuly 6, 2017

This is absolutely 100% true! I love this article. As a Bishop, I hear so many excuses as to why members don't come to church. As we each strive to turn to Christ, the Sacrament becomes so important and when missed there is a hole in our week. It truly makes us whole again each week. Thank You!

AndyJuly 6, 2017

This is such an important point that needs to be understood by all of us. Thank you for your ability to articulate it so well.

LaurieJuly 6, 2017

I was babptized and came each week to sacrament meeting. I knoew it was important and made it a priority. Everyone was very nice at church but I did not have a ny LDS friends. I sat alone as my husband did not join the church and many weeks it was hard sitting in that pew. I kept changing where I sat thinking I could try to get to know people in the church. One Sunday I sat in a pew where a large family often sat and I got the look when they came in to sit. it was enough of a look to cause me to move out of thier pew. I have now been in the church and I do hang out ocassionally with some LDS people but not often. I still go to church and make it a priority (that comes from my Catholic upbringing). I am steady in my testimony and realize why i am a member of the Church of jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, so I can manage without the support but I have to say it is nice to see others outside church in a social atmosphere. It really has made me try to be aware of others sitting bby them selves and go and sit next to them or invite them to lunch.



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