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September 24, 2021

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Bob BruceJuly 5, 2017

Having grown up in the 60's and 70's I saw first hand what marijuana can do to destroy a young man's soul. If this proposed law is only an excuse for a portion of the populace to get stoned then I'm against it. However, I understand this plant has medicinal use that no other substance seems to have; and if that is true this law should be carefully written to allow for that type of healing.

Don HoffmanJune 29, 2017

CBD from the hemp plant was used as a powerful medication by doctors until 1937 when Big Pharma made their money move to the FDA. Don't let the FDA decide your health choices.

Wayne GoodsellJune 28, 2017

What I see is a disintegration of our trust in our government. In this case the FDA. Of course the FDA is but one small piece of the government, but the distrust is everywhere and seems to get larger every day as every news article seems to tell us that one more government agency, one more government worker, one more elected politician is lying to us. Yet, why do we choose to believe that information from the internet is more reliable? I will continue to believe that the FDA is more reliable than the internet, and that word from the leadership of the Church is more reliable than them all. Ponder whom you trust and why.

ViolaJune 28, 2017

Did anyone mention the increased car accidents in the states that recently legalized marijuana use? I would consider that a justified concern. Why should one drug be excused from the extensive testing required of all other drugs? Anecdotal evidence (i.e., "my friend says it works") or the fact that other countries have used it for years means nothing if controlled research studies have not been done. There is no medical consensus as to what is a safe dose, or how often it can be taken. People who take it are making themselves voluntary guinea pigs. If further research on marijuana isn't done, I hope they will report any problems to medical researchers. My other concern is the form that legalized marijuana takes. There is a difference between someone getting a controlled-substance prescription for marijuana pills (or whatever) purchased at a pharmacy, and people with a red card buying marijuana brownies and suckers from a store. Brownies and suckers are not medicine, and they appeal to children, whose brains are more susceptible to possible damage. I don't know the reasons behind the church's statement, but asking for more scholarly research seems like a reasonable request. And yes, I've dealt with pain that regular pain medication doesn't help.

Dr. David C HobsonJune 28, 2017

I travel to California regularly, and am amazed at page after page of ads from medical clinics inviting people to visit and obtain prescriptions for medical marijuana for all sorts of purported ailments. Every indication is that it is being abused. Tetrahydrocanabinal or THC is available as an RX. It looks to me as though the supposed need for it has opened the floodgates for all sort of other uses outside of purely medical need.

Phil WeyersJune 28, 2017

If it is proven to have medicinal benefits it ought to be used.

CharlieBrown2292June 28, 2017

I have been hospitalized a couple of times for ailments that would occasionally cause a great deal of pain. Fortunately, I was given access to morphin, that works miracles in terms of alleviating pain. You don't become a morphin-addict because of that, and thank heaven someone figured it was OK to use it for medical purposes. Maybe the previous statement about the FDA is accurate: they are sometimes under pressure from powerful lobbies, and what matters most is that the States grant permission to use marijuana for medical purposes once there is enough scientific evidence that it helps in the treatment of patients, regardless of what the FDA says.

SebJune 28, 2017

"The difficulties of attempting to legalize a drug at the state level that is illegal under Federal law cannot be overstated." That is of course true. Bus loads of attorneys will have a very prosperous life until this issue is resolved. "Accordingly, we believe that society is best served by requiring marijuana to go through further research and the FDA approval process that all other drugs must go through before they are prescribed to patients.” Some might agree others not. The question here is: Does this church spokesmen speak in the name of the First Presidency? Was this statement released in order to be an official prophetic guidance by the First Presidency? Or is it merely a statement about what church leaders think as individuals? Regardless of how somebody thinks about this issue: One (there are of course many others) reason for the high medical costs in the U.S. is the incredibly complex and lengthy process to get a new drug approved and sold. Was this taken in consideration?

Peter CullmanJune 28, 2017

Herein lies the rub. Plants are fundamentally herbs. And "all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man" (D&C 89:10). Herbs, or all foods that come of the earth, are to be man's primary food source. By their nature, herbs function like drugs--they treat disease. Defining a plant--an herb--as a drug attaches legal strings, which play into the hands of regulators, who curtail the agency of man based on fear and/or profit motives. The FDA would have their strings attached to everything able to treat disease. Decades of false propaganda have incited an unjustified fear of a plant, cannabis, vilifying it as marijuana. Whereas, for thousands of years, many cultures have shown, and mounting research today increasingly shows, that cannabis is a wholesome herb. It doesn't matters whether there are laws or patents on the use of cannabis (such as patent 6,630,507). If the FDA, and the food and medical industries to which it bows, were fully vested in health and healing, certain laws wouldn't be as they are, and many innocent people would not have been punished as they have for using substances and means ordained by God. Are there not conspiring men? We can know whether an herb is wholesome "by its fruits." Does it hurt or promote health? If used improperly, that which is wholesome can be made unwholesome. Having agency means having responsibility. The recent webinar documentary series "The Sacred Plant" includes a vignette of an LDS mother and daughter who discovered physical healing possible with cannabis; however, they experienced the stigma of the prevailing culture among Church members in the US on this subject.



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