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October 27, 2021

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Rick HeathJuly 2, 2017

At 71 yrs old I harken back to my school days in a two room school - yes two not one... very modern for the times. We were taught newspapers had "news" and "opinion" and many homework assignments were to bring in examples of each. That would be hard to do today. Great article!! I plan to pass this along.

David DurfeeJune 22, 2017

TO THE AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE: I'm curious. If Hillary Clinton had been elected President, and identical "Media" attacks (bad journalism, general hatefulness, etc.), were all being directed at her and not at Donald Trump, would you have written the exact, same article and published it in Meridian? Would there be even one, single Conservative Republican in the entire country criticizing the "Media"? Or would Conservative Republicans be writing articles praising the "Press" for exercising First Amendment freedoms to defend our country by shining a bright spotlight on the errors and incompetence of those hated Liberals?

Sally SmithJune 21, 2017

This article helped me clearly understand what the media was and is doing to the office of President of the United States. The liberal media is working very hard and much of it is slanted bias news. If we Americans want to hear truth we must speak truth and wipe out the lies and slanted truth of the liberal media.

Peg RobertsJune 20, 2017

Sadly I only watch Fox News as my main source for fair and balanced news. I watch nbc each late night but only to see what's happening locally, and mainly for weather. And I notice that the country news they start with is very slanted..... at 81 years of age and having seen most of what you write about in your very informative article I find it so sad but am grateful for newsmen like you! Please keep up the good work........

Cyd B.June 20, 2017

A reader can definitely see a fine example here of an 'opinion piece' masquerading as a news article. The author would do well to recruit a left-leaning editor to see that his right-leaning pieces end up somewhere closer to the middle. The message began as well-meaning, blunt, and with some hard truths expressed, but by the last third personal bias edged out reporting of verifiable facts. (I understand those are in short supply these days, but I was hoping a piece specifically discussing the dangers of bias would make a point of relying on actual fact.) Of course there's still hope for the press and news services - but a few more hard looks and personal/organizational evaluations are in order!

Ronald NeaultJune 20, 2017

Very informative! I'm glad I read it, Thank you.

RaNae HealyJune 20, 2017

Wow, this just solidified the far right views. By using descriptive words like Liberals, and defending Fox news, his bias viewpoints are clear. This is one of many reasons I am so disappointed with LDS members who think being a Republican is gospel. Where are the critical thinkers? Sad to read!

Joni HiltonJune 20, 2017

Not only is this superbly written, but it speaks to the dismay and sadness I've felt recently for what has happened to the field I majored in for my B.A.: Journalism. No matter where you stand politically, this is important. If we can't trust the media to deliver unbiased reporting, no side is safe.

Ruth MillerJune 20, 2017

Excellent article. Thank you.

David DurfeeJune 20, 2017

The revealing commonality about articles like this one these days is the use of the term "media," instead of "press" or "news services." The word “media” is broader than the others and refers to communications generally and not to news or analysis of news specifically. It allows the writer to lump in with serious journalists biased and hateful commentators who are really just comedians and entertainers. It’s a disingenuous word ploy to make it a lot easier to shame and dismiss the real press.

Caren CJune 20, 2017

Perfectly said!

Elizabeth SJune 20, 2017

Fantastic article. Thanks for reprinting.



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