February 25, 2021

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Karen AspinallJune 18, 2017

I have experienced today, yet again, pain because of the decisions of others, which may never change in this life. The words and inspiration I have just read from you are answers to painful and heartfelt continuing prayer. Thank-you from my heart.

HeidiJune 18, 2017

Excellent, excellent article. I too, found myself trying to "earn" my worth and goodness through my works and obedience alone.(I was later taught through the spirit that this is the stumbling stone upon which many stumble.) Christ alone saved me. He is real. He loves us. He wants us to turn to Him. His love changes who you are and how you view yourself and others. He is a loving Father. And I really needed one. Being "born again" or "anew" or "of the spirit" was the discussion Christ had with Nicodemus. For those who have experienced it, it is only after that you realize it's supreme importance. It teaches you more clearly about the holy ghost, and how it leads you to the truth of all things. (Atleast I finally found the answers I had always had about it.) It's interesting that "Jacob" was taught about what happened to him mostly through Alma's previous experience. For me the answers came through the last two chapters of 2 Nephi and the experience of King Benjamin's people. The scriptures have become delicious! It's a constant unfolding of more and more light to my soul. This is a subject upon which my mind ponders daily. That God's mercy could same even a wretch like me is truly worth shouting from the rooftops. I've learned to rely wholly on HIS merits(not my own)which are mighty indeed! His yoke is easy. Come to the fountain of living water and partake!

C MinerJune 13, 2017

This is the answer to the prayer I prayed this evening. Thank you. Thank Heavenly Father. Thank you, Jesus.

Mike WatsonJune 13, 2017

The greatest calling in the church is to repentance. It means to "turn" to God and is a daily exercise of our faith. It means to live a worshipful day or a reverent day in our attitude about life. Do overs and self correction are daily experiences just as faith is in every thing we do. We reach because we believe we can grasp. When we "miss the mark" or sin, we "turn" or repent and reach again.



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