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October 6, 2022

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CharlieSeptember 26, 2017

These filtering companies don't have bots cleaning the movies, they have human beings cleaning them up–Software cannot make moral decisions. To suggest any computer can make a moral decision is beyond laughable and very uninformed. SONY vs CLEARPLAY vs Vid Angel Sony is the content creator, they can do whatever they want with their movies, including clean them up. ClearPlay has been in business for nearly 18 years, because they figured out if you don't make an illegal copy of a movie and just take a movie and use it as a reference point to tell a software when to skip and mute content, then it is 100% legal. Vid Angel made illegal copies of movies and put them on their server (without a video-on-demand) license. Illegal copy of a movie made, law #1 that was broken. Making movies available for public consumption without a video-on-demand license, broken law #2. Vid Angel now has their back up against the wall and are desperate. They claim if they are shut down permanently that filtering of any kind will no longer be available to anyone. They don't back up their legitimacy to the courts, by using ClearPlay as an example to the judge, because the judge will notice that ClearPlay can filter without making illegal copies of movies. So Vid Angel makes light recognition of ClearPlay's existence, but otherwise pretend like they do not exist. Vid Angel's days are numbered, because they have been shut down in different appeals to have different decisions be judged in their favor and every time they have been denied. The most recent appeal to the courts the judge made a decision 3 days earlier than expected, because their plight is becoming more and more and open-and-shut case, because they are movie pirates, plain and simple.

LoriJune 21, 2017

I want to edit myself! Not let these big companies decide what I want Edited for me and my fam! In addition, if they're not against making movies more appropriate for families, then what is wrong with Vid -Angel?

vickieJune 16, 2017

I don't understand the comments but I approve of these companies cleaning up the films...I wondered if at some point we would have something we could use to clean up the film as we want it to be ourselves. I do not like nudity in any picture or extreme language. I can handle some bad language but no cursing.

Larry SmithJune 12, 2017

Dave - I respect your view but do not share all of it. I think you put a little too much importance on the use of immorality and violence to achieve artistic objectives. I think you also place too much faith in the "professionals" judgement about what it "family friendly". As for me and my family, we prefer to be the judge of what is acceptable and are willing to sacrifice some of the details to keep out unwholsome influences. Remember, coyote bait was made up of 99% meat and 1% strychnine. Respectfully, Lars

DaveJune 12, 2017

There is no comparison between the professionally edited, director approved clean version films that Sony offers and the brutally hacked autobot product that is presented by third party companies. It is not that the third parties don’t respect their audience, they simply do not have the tools, any connection to the creative process, or the talent needed to do the job correctly. The studio edits are delivering the product the customer demands with complete devotion to the story and constant attention to the original intent of the filmmaker. Businesses like VidAngel or ClearPlay, even if they made the effort to do the same, can not. When there is a scene that contains nudity or other profanity, the autobot has no choice but to remove it. Even if that scene contains the most important story point of the film! It’s gone. The studio clean versions are created with access to everything that the director has filmed, including alternate takes that were shot specifically to replace the profanity without hurting story. What about a song that contains profanity that is playing under a dialog scene? The studio can edit the music and lay it back in exactly where it belongs. People swearing in the background, a naked woman in a photograph on the wall, excessive blood as the hero gives his final climactic “goodbye”? No problem. If Amazon, or anyone else for that matter, is offering a second rate viewer experience, you no longer have to accept it. Parents can now demand the viewing experience we deserve.



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