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May 30, 2023

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MimiJune 5, 2017

Our situation is similar, our daughter is divorced and is recovering from a shattered marriage, and from her experience of not having support from her Church family, too much judgement without really knowing the situation. She always wanted to be a "Mommy" she now has to work full time. However, it is our previous Grandsons who we are serving! It is by no fault of their own that they are in this less than perfect situation. My husband and I have stepped in to fill in the gaps. We carpool, enable the boys to get to needed Dr. appointments, dental needs, music lessons, sports etc. The main purpose to help raise these boys is to love them, to make them feel secure and show them by example how the Gospel is the answer to a happy life. We are helping to build them up so they can survive in this crazy world. Our time spent with them is such a blessing to us all! Small testimonies are growing, prayer is a common answer to problems.... So yes, family should help family! It will never be perfect, but by helping we are giving these young boys a chance to grow up and succeed in a loving family. We are constantly being told from the pulpit to serve others, who better to serve than our own immediate family who needs our help.

SDJune 3, 2017

Of course you help your grandchild! How could any one criticize you? We had the same situation. We helped her get her. He was our little boy in the day and hers at night. He is now a wonderful young man with a nice family of his own, a good education, and good career path. Where would they be without help? I think it is awful to not help.. She did her part and we did our part.

DianeJune 2, 2017

Since I was raised in a single parent home with no mother I always look at this situation from a child's point of view. Actually, as children, my brothers and I "raised ourselves". The most important person in this family is the child. I think he is entitled to be loved and taught by family members who love him and make him feel secure. I got the empression that the father wasn't around or responsible to or for the child. So, grandma may need to set boundries with the mother, and put her focus on the child.



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