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August 12, 2022

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ScottHJune 2, 2017

This is all great advice. But speaking from experience, it won't always protect you from being laid off, because layoffs have much more to do with business performance, accounting, and internal politics than how well a given employee is performing. This is where working on networking and recruiter relationships pays off. It also doesn't hurt to be in a high demand line of work when you're looking for work. I urge caution on making yourself indispensable. I have encountered many throughout my career that have taken some unhealthy steps in this quest. Some have discovered to their dismay that they are much more dispensable than they thought they were. Others have ruined their family lives or become slaves to the jobs. If the cost of indispensability is that high where you work, it's probably time to hunt for a different job.

Jay sessionsJune 1, 2017

Great advice!! Much of which can be applied to church callings.



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