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September 18, 2021

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FrankMay 28, 2017

So, what are the names of the members of the Board who voted to stop a legal activity, so that members of the community can file charges, civil or criminal, against them? Or a phone campaign launched against them? Why must we always knuckle under to these people? At the very least we need to have them named so that we can vote them out of office.

SDMay 23, 2017

The person who filed the complaint must be hard pressed for something to do. Put your time on something really productive.

Ronnie BrayMay 23, 2017

It has come to a pretty pass when a school peremptorily acts to deny Michigan citizens their civil rights and on something as flimsy and wrong as a complaint from someone that did not know any better. Despite the pitiful and misinformed complaint, the school board ought to know the law and administer it rather than collapsing like a house of cards in a breeze. This is outrageous and a direct assault on civil rights. What a feeble bunch of board members serve this school and its district. Time to clean house and elect board members with courage, decency, and a knowledge of the laws affecting religious instruction off campus. The actions of the pusillanimous school board should sound an alarm in the minds of all freedom loving people, including Americans, who claim that the US is the land of the free. If it is, then it is time to let it show. ...



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