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July 7, 2022

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AllisonJune 12, 2017

All of the temples are beautiful, but the colors and flowers in the stained glass and furniture is more stunning to me than most any other! I especially love the picture of the Savior in stained glass in this one!

AngelaMay 22, 2017

Just by viewing the photographs I can feel the holiness of the Temple. I rejoice for the people of France to have this treasure in their midst.

Paia PalmerMay 20, 2017

The Paris Temple is so beautiful and elegant. I'm very happy for the French saints to be able to worship in such a magnificent place and that the Savior's House will soon be dedicated and made holy to Him. Click on the "comment" to be taken to where you can add one.

DorisMay 19, 2017

The glass work is absolutely stunning!

AudreyMay 19, 2017

It looks great! And spacious!

Bot BowlesMay 19, 2017

38 seats in the Endowment Room. The Paris Temple is one of the smaller ones.



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