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March 24, 2023

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Shellie DeHaanMay 20, 2017

Scot and Maurine -- Loved this article!!! Elder Bennasar was just a young boy when Kelly and I were both serving as missionaries in the Lormont Branch outside of Bordeaux. His father, Paul, was our Branch Mission Leader. To top it off, Elder Andersen was our mission president. Lovely to read about all of the wonderful happenings with the church right now in France! Thank you!!

Joseph BalazicMay 19, 2017

I 1982 when the Seattle, Washington Temple was dedicated, on the last day of the dedications, I was part of an evening volunteer team to remove and store the TV Monitors. When we arrived at the Temple entrance, we were surprised to meet President Kimball as he was leaving the Temple. As I shook his hand I felt so blessed for having been rewarded before even starting my assignment.

Suzette HaubMay 18, 2017

After reading your article and experiences I feel more personally connected to the Paris Temple.I now have special love for my brothers & sisters in Paris. I take pride in all members of the church throughout the world that when we are called to gather & serve...WE GET IT DONE! It is always a great experience to roll up your sleeves and get to work next to someone you come to Love more after serving side by side. Fantastic reporting!!! Thank you thank you

Nancy BrightMay 18, 2017

As a young girl, my family served a Building Mission in Versailles. My father, Ray Williams, built the Versailles Chapel, along with a lot of help from the sweet members there. I am so happy for those members, whom I remember so fondly, that they have waxed strong and shared the Gospel and now, have a Temple in their mist !

Gaye BreillattMay 18, 2017

What a beautiful, beautiful article. Had tears in my eyes as I read it. My husband is of French descent, served a mission here 1959-61, and we have returned many times to do research and always added on a few days to enjoy other parts of the country. Had dreamed of serving in this temple, but his health now does not allow us to do that. Thank .you for helping us experience so much through your words.

Carol AnnMay 18, 2017

Thank you for the up-close and personal account and photos. Absolutely thrilling!



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