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February 21, 2024

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Claudia Henderson SmithMay 27, 2017

Naturally, the temple is beautiful! It's so neat to see the words in French. Beautiful photos, as usual. Wish I could travel to Paris to go inside!!

TerryMay 19, 2017

The temple hasn't been dedicated yet. Why no photos of the inside?

Karrin BryanMay 15, 2017

I recognize that sweet family going up the steps to the Temple. I wish we could have stopped there, also. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, it is breathtaking.

Diane Hall PrinceMay 15, 2017

This article thrills me beyond words and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for these lovely pictures of this sacred edifice. I served in the Begium Brussels Mission from 1981-1983. I feel overwhelming joy for the people of France and Belgium who I served, whose lives will never be the same with the dedication of this beautiful Temple in their land.

Clay morganMay 15, 2017

Yes, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos that capture the spiritual importance of this temple for the French and Belgian people that I learned to love and serve 35yrs ago in the Brussels Belgium Mission. What a great blessing for these wonderful people!

S.BlackMay 15, 2017

actually Vern, there is a small portion of the stained glass hand of our Savior, look them again & you'll see it. Perhaps, some Privacy needs to be preserved for the benefit of the Open house?

VernMay 15, 2017

Lovely pictures. Surprised you didn't include one of the stained glass Christ in the visitors center (you show just the hand). It is also spectacular.

Barry HansenMay 15, 2017

Thank you, Scot and Maurine, for sharing with your readers the beautiful photos and details about the Paris Temple.

Donald HoffmanMay 15, 2017

Why no statue of Moroni?

LindaMay 15, 2017

Had the opportunity to see the Temple while under construction on our visit there with our Missionary from 46 years ago. Love the pictures but are longing to see some of the interior rooms

K. (McConnell) Chin - Modesto, CAMay 15, 2017

Thank you...thank YOU!!! These photos and explanatory captions are a delight to my heart! While living in France as a foreign exchange student--39 years ago--I met and studied with missionaries from the Church. (I chose to wait to be baptized until I returned to California.) My heart thrills and "rises up on eagles wings" to see this beautiful House of the Lord captured so exquisitely by Your photographic artistry! You have served, and greatly blessed, those of us who are not able to travel to France at this time, to witness this monumental event--so, SO...long awaited! Bless you for your work and your gift to SO many!!



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