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October 6, 2022

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Ken McGowanMay 10, 2017

The article is true of course but when one is willing to put effort into the communicating process while the other is not, it leaves the one that is willing highly frustrated and even more damaged. Nothing can quite equate with the love of a parent toward a child who will not reciprocate. I refer to an adult child. There comes a point when the parent has no other choice than to cut off the communication in order to preserve what is left of the self. I am thinking about the song by Roy Orbison: Love Hurts.

dbaker27May 7, 2017

A wonderful article. I believe that not enough can be said about the value and critical need of listening; most of us are better at interrupting. Listening is 70% of communication. Listening, when it comes to a ... ahem.. domestic discussion... helps us straighten out misconceptions, presumptions, inaccurate beliefs of what the other is thinking or means. Oh, here is a sisler? Not listening is downright inconsiderate.

Donna HarrisonMay 6, 2017

This is an excellent article! Very well thought out. Often two parties in a conversation go away each thinking that they have heard everything, yet each has heard only the they agree with or disagree with. In doing so, we miss the reasons that the person wanted to discuss the matter and so we fail to communicate at all.

Beth TMay 4, 2017

All these points: hearing words only, being a puffed up "know it all", stuffing our own feelings, pride and being rushed and hurried truly inhibit our listening. Thank you Joni!!! I have much to think about. One point a week and then start over. Goal: Improve my listening skills daily. ^_^



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