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October 26, 2021

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Joni HiltonMay 12, 2017

I'm so flattered that my article triggered this one, Brother Gibbons! And no matter how it all happens in the end, it will be yet another testament to the majesty, glory, and organization of our Father in Heaven. What fascinating insights you've shared here!

DaveMay 4, 2017

President David O. McKay also stated in one of his books that our sun was a celestial world, but we are not able to see it because of the (flame) clouds that cover it.

Ted GibbonsMay 3, 2017

The wonderful people at Meridian changed the title. I called this article, "The Earth as a Sea of Glass." If they had asked me, I would have corrected them.

reginaMay 3, 2017

Brother Gibbons, I miss your articles. I hope you're doing fine! I am praying for you and your family. Love from Brazil.

CK MarshMay 3, 2017

To understand any of these quotes, you must understand Hebrew Cosmology and the ancient's understanding of the Firmament or Expanse. Then, it all makes sense.

RichardMay 2, 2017

Great article but I may have misunderstood the misleading title. Earth's Paradisiacal Glory takes place during the millennium. The root word of "Paradisiacal" is "Paradise". Indeed the earth will be changed at the beginning of the millennium, the elements will melt, the remaining wicked will be consumed at the great change, the continents become one again, and so on. Just as spirits are separated in the post-mortal spirit World in either Paradise or Spirit Prison our Mother Earth will enter a condition of "Paradisiacal Glory" during the millennium but prior to eventual Celestial Glory.

Beu'lah Mary OmarMay 2, 2017

Brought me to tears ...happy tears. Thank you so much for your guided research. Very likely true, and very uplifting indeed.

MarkMay 2, 2017

The sun is not Celestial. It is in a Telestial universe made of Telestial matter and will burn up all its hydrogen. My thought is the Clestial universe is a different universe altogether than the one we presently inhabit.

Roy StanfordMay 2, 2017

If we live on a telestial world, and the sun is a celestial world then what is a terrestrial world like ? The earth will be a terrestrial world during the millennium. Evidently celestial beings are not temperature sensitive. Terrestrial beings are probably not temperature sensitive either.

Roy StanfordMay 2, 2017

The Bible supports this as is portrayed at this site by someone who is not LDS.



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