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October 6, 2022

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Herm OlsenMay 2, 2017

That is exactly why a single-payer system is needed for health care. It's folly to think that one U-tube posting can fix a system which millions use daily. It worked for fixing United. Many doctors and hospitals encourage a single-payer system to minimize the greed and corruption of the current system.

BjornMay 2, 2017

Seriously? Airlines are in an oligopolies position. United rued the short term PR debacle. Airlines will continue to treat flyers not as customers but as sheep to be reaccomodated. Neither health care or air transportation respond to "free market" pressures because customers are not in a position to opt with the choices. Some government regulation is required because the rest is ... the 90% who aren't millionaires... cannot make economic choices in these closed markets.

Carol KendallMay 2, 2017

SO true. Just this last week I went to an Urgent Care clinic, since I have new insurance this year with high deductible, and hadn't chosen a "Primary Care Doctor." They carefully did NOT admit to how much the visit was likely to cost. Yesterday I called my insurance company and the clinic's billing department; managed to ask enough questions the right way to find out the maximum amount I will be charged: over $200. (It could be somewhat lower due to "negotiated" rates, which cannot be "revealed.".) In our previous state (AZ) there were many Urgent Care clinics to choose from. We now live in UT, where there are very few. We need MORE of these small clinics for basic care - what happened to them? Have the Insurance Industry and the Medical Establishment managed to erect enough barriers to force them out of the market??

LizaMay 2, 2017

The biggest issue I have with this opinion piece and current healthcare discussion is this: HEALTH CARE IS NOT AN AIRLINE! Business market strategies cannot and should not be applied broadly to the lives of people - to real everyday life and death challenges. People upset with United Airline can choose to fly with someone else. Airlines travel is a choice. A luxury that many simply cannot afford. But basic healthcare should not be a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. This article attacks the providers as the greedy ogre, but who is looking at the predatory practices of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies? No one. Because they have the deep pockets and hire the lobbyists their dishonesty and unethical practices will only get worse. When will we realize that healthcare should not be a business? When will we stop treating health care providers as the enemy?



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