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February 8, 2023

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Barbara SoulierApril 29, 2017

Your gifts of insightful expression lift and strengthen many, Marilynne. Thank you for reminding us of the light of the Spirit in our mortal experiences, be they times of darkness or joy. You live what you teach and it's a blessing to know you!

Cristie MabeyApril 28, 2017

What a great reminder of light and dark and that we experience both, many times not of our own making. Present Uchtdorf's comments put things into perspective immediately. Thank you for this beautiful article.

CW2SADApril 28, 2017

My Eternal Companion has suffered for years from an - apparently - undiagnosable ailment. My skepticism has increased with each new doctor we visited. Just this week she finally received a diagnosis we can believe in: Lyme disease. Her pain has been exquisite, but her faith unshaken. Your article could have been written by her or about her. Thank you for putting into words what we've been feeling.

Bobbi SnowApril 28, 2017

Such a beautiful and true article! You are an inspiration and light to all you know and don't know!! I feel blessed to know a strong woman full of faith and righteousness. Thanks, Marilynne

S LindsayApril 28, 2017

Thank you for the insightful wording here about the Holy Ghost not being a fair weather friend. I also love the takeaway that God will be prompting others to help you as part of his plan to knit port hats together. Timely and memorable.



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