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May 17, 2022

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Jean PetersenApril 30, 2017

Hmmm. Puzzling. The article doesn't mention the radical Muslim sects who openly voice their desire to conquer other nations through immigration. This is a consideration which needs to be addressed and I believe Trump is using due care and diligence for the safety of Americans. He is not banning all Muslims. Muslims with good hearts and intentions have little concern, possibly only some temporary inconveniences. The Americans who are complaining and throwing tantrums are acting childish. Let the President do his job and be thankful he is watching out for what is a majority Christian Nation He is putting faith, prayer and trust in God back into practice, which the last President failed miserably to do.

AlecApril 28, 2017

Mormons were robbed and murdered in Missouri because of the "extermination order. My great great grand uncle was murdered in Arkansas by anti-mormons who were later acquired in an Arkansan court. When the government acts out of prejudice against a people, bigots and scared small minded people have taken license to do the most outrageous things against the singled out minority. Muslims like mormons are 99+% moral valued citizens and immigrants. But the other comments demonstrate how folks justify bigotry under the guise of security. As Missourians did against my ancestors... and they went on record saying rape, theft and murder was a righteous action in part because of Boggs executive order.

JimBApril 27, 2017

So Trump is asking to "exterminate" or Remove Muslims from the country. Perhaps he might call out the National Guard and burn down their houses. But wait The Mormons are still here, doing well, contributing to society, maybe Trump thinks this is a way to "help them" GIVE ME A BREAK! Don't distort my heritage to meet your political agenda.

Pete PrattApril 27, 2017

There's a major fallacy in this comparison. The Muslim travel ban is intended to make it more difficult for murderous Muslim jihadists to enter the US. There were no Mormon jihadists.

Sam McCrackenApril 27, 2017

As I understand the order, which is being challenged, it is a 90 day hiatus for the purpose of changing how immigrants are vetted from the countries listed (in the ordr). It is NOT based on religion. Just where is the similarity to the Mormon experience?



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