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October 19, 2019

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Brian VuinovicMay 1, 2017

You stated "First and foremost, your patriarchal blessing declares your lineage....". Well, not always. When I received my patriarchal blessing no lineage was declared. When I mentioned it to our stake patriarch, he said that on rare occasions no lineage is declared. The patriarch said that I could come back and have my lineage declared. One year after returning home from my mission, nearly seven years after I initially received my blessing, I went back to the patriarch to have my lineage declared. I am really glad that I waited to go back. It was a very sweet process.

Schiavona FalchionApril 25, 2017

I received my patriarchal blessing shortly before leaving to serve a full time mission. I don't consider my half-page patriarchal blessing inspired because there is practically nothing in it. Numerous times in my life I have felt the inclination to go back to it whenever I find myself in a difficult situation needing guidance, only to be disappointed each time as I am reminded of the fact that there is nothing in that piece of paper that is of any worth. But like a priceless treasure, I have kept it through all these years among other important documents, hoping that someday I will discover its true worth.



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